Touring the States



Follow me on my drawing tour across the United States!  As Pop Up Charlie, I am drawing for people in every state.  What do people in this country want?  I want to make the imaginary more real with ink and watercolor.

I have a tent, a bag, some paper, and real curiosity about what America is dreaming about.  However, I don't have my own mode of transportation, so I am hitting the road by hitch-hiking, ride-sharing, busing and whatever else will get me around.  Since I'm going with the flow, I don't have any set dates to be anywhere.  The adventure starts the first day of Spring 2017 by going West (why not?)

You can help by sending me any contacts you know across the country- people I should meet or a safe refuge from the road.  Click here to easily fill out helpful information.

 Also I am accepting donations to help keep me alive and thriving. You can donate here!  


When you donate, you will be signed up for a weekly-ish digital newsletter that has drawings, writings, and thought.  Anything helps!  

You can also come to this site or follow me on Instagram @popupcharlie to see where I am, what I'm drawing, and how I'm doing.  In addition, check out my weekly contributions to Flatland, a Kansas City based online magazine, and, another online magazine made  by friends.

I am still taking online drawing requests while I'm out in the wild.  They may take a few days longer, but I am always glad to draw for you (and it supports me!)

Thank you! Enjoy! See you soon?