There is infinite creative power in the universe swirling.  It's invisible to most people most of the time but if you do see it, it looks like sparkling dust in sunlight.  It is the energetic matter that animates all creative acts.  It is the life of dreaming and making.  Now, there are techniques and technologies to harness this power.  Some people take deep breaths to suck as much of this sparkling dust into their nostrils as they can get.  Some people go to quiet places so that they can hear the subtle shimmering rustle of inspiration.  I wear a cone hat much like other creatives in history from Merlin the Wizard to the idiot-savant stuck in the school room corner.  The shape of the hat has been un-scientifically proven to attract creative energy to it's top tip then funnels the energy into the head of the hat wearer.  From there, the energy can move into other parts of the body.  I try to send it to my heart and my hands when I am drawing.  In short, I need it to draw.

Where do you get your clothes?

My magical garb is a mix of thrift store epiphany and personal gifts.  If you wear gold long enough, it's easier to spot.  It wants to be worn, and who else is going to rock gold lamay genie pants?! If you want to send me more golden clothes, please send them to 2311 Bellefontaine Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127.  You'll get a treat! 

hey What's your real job?

What, are you my mom or something! I'm HAPPY doing this! gaw. (slight frown looking out to a vague, flat future)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever drawn?

Most people think that some absurd combination of unicorn + _____ is the weirdest thing that I've ever drawn.  Those requests are delights but strangest request is held in the imagination of a boy with a supremely mundane vision:

(curtain opens on a bustling brunch Sunday at a local restaurant.  Pop Up Charlie is sitting at a small table drawing.  A Boy walks up)
Boy: Can I have a drawing?
Pop Up Charlie: Sure, what can I do for you?
Boy: I'd like an air conditioner
(Pop Up Charlie sits still, looking into the Boy's eyes.  He wonders if the the kid is messing with him.)
Pop Up Charlie: (pause) An air conditioner?
Boy: Yea, it makes things cold when it's hot.
Pop Up Charlie: (pause. still wondering if this kids is messing with him) Outdoor unit or window unit?
Boy: Window unit
(Pop Up Charlie is noticeable phased.  He keeps interrogating the Boy's pleasant face for mischief. Nothing.)
Pop Up Charlie: Okay, well, how about you show me what if feels like to have an air conditioner blow on your face.
(Boy turns to the side, closes his eyes, tilts his chin up and opens his mouth in a huge ecstatic smile)
End Scene

What do you want to draw?

Something silly that may have a butt or butt-relate joke in it.  What would Freud think? Or a simple drawing about aspects of loneliness. Just being real.